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Customer Testimonials
"Chickenmaster Grills will make you a legend in your neighborhood"

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  "Just wanted to share my Thanksgiving experience with the Party Pro with you.

1>12 noon on Wednesday 11/24 - I brined a 20 lb. turkey for about 18 hours
2> 9:00am Thursday 11/25 - Started fire with about 8-9 lbs of hardwood charcoal in the lower grates
3> 9:30am - Rinsed turkey well with cold water, mounted on rotary bar, rubbed with oil, salt & pepper
4> 9:45am - Grill temp about 450 when bird went on, quickly regulated temp down to 325-350
5> I added hardwood combo of oak, hickory and cherry about every 30-45 minutes keeping temp around 325
6> 1:15-1:30pm internal temp of bird hit 160
7> I removed bird tented with foil and cleaned up rotary bar and closed down grill by 2:00

Jack, I have been cooking Thanksgiving turkeys every year for about 30 years and this was hands down the best ever. We had a house full of people and everyone said the same thing. I have 2.5 acres of property and not too many houses close by but I guarantee you that anyone within 1/2 mile of my house could smell that bird cooking. It's an absolute pleasure to cook on the Party Pro and quite a conversation piece as well. No one was in the house.....even the kids were out there next to the grill. The word grill does not seem to do it justice because it is so much more that that.

I told you I had been looking for a charcoal/wood rotisserie grill for 5-6 years and finally found the Chickenmaster Party Pro that had everything I was looking for and then more.

Guy S*****
*** **** ****-Head Football Coach

P.S. Our 9-10 yr old team was undefeated division champs and ranked #5 in the state and I cooked burgers and dogs for about 60 parents and players last weekend for our end of season victory party. Great fun!!!!!!!!!"





"i am an avid barbequer and I have spent the last 3 months looking at grills on the internet to find a grill that would meet my needs for large and small order grilling. During my search, I came across the Chickenmaster and began to look at the specifications and construction of the grill. I quickly determined that this was a grill that I needed to considered in my final search for the perfect grill. I like to cook for large numbers of people and I also like to have the ability to barbeque a single steak.

After careful consideration and conversations with the designers of the grill, I purchased the Party Pro which gives me the ability to cook 12+ chickens or 24 slabs of ribs at one time or a single hamburger.

When I first received my Chickenmaster Grill, all of my neighbors came over to see what I had been talking about for the last 3 weeks. It took me about 20 minutes to get it assembled without any tools and I was ready for grilling. That aftrernoon, I purchased 10 chickens to cook for my best friends in the neighborhood. I loaded 6 chickens on one spit and the other 4 on the other spit. Shortly there after, the neighbors curiousity got the best of them and they started to come over one by one to see the progresss. While the chickens were cooking, I lost my entire wine collection, but we had a fantastic time. Next week we are all getting back together to try out the rib baskets.

FYI, Jack Griffiths and I disagree with this, but I par boil my ribs for 30 minutes and then let them marinate in my sauce over night and then slow cook them with the smoker attachment. Trust me, this is the way to go. The meat falls off the bone with a great somkey falovor.

For those of you who like to barbeque for yourself and your friends, the ChickenMasterGrill will make you a legend in your neighborhood and the best place for good times this summer.

Please send me any of your reciepes and I will do the same.

Best of luck and good grilling."

Jeff H***** from ********, **


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