Chicken Cooking on The Rib Pro Charcoal Rotisserie Grill


The Party Pro Charcoal Rotisserie Grill

The Party Pro

Great For Professional, At Home, & Restaurant

The Party Pro is the next size up from our Rib Pro but can handle four times as much food making it ideal when grilling for a large amount of people. Great for grilling enthusiasts, professional grilling competition, and makes an excellent addition to any restaurant owner looking to add great charcoal grilled food to their menu. The Party Pro has all the features of the Rib Pro but with the added room and spit holder you can grill many things at once. For instance, you can configure the grill to have one basket spit and one spike spit, in the basket you could load it up with baby back ribs and potatoes and on the other spit have 7 5lb chickens; great meal for a large party. The Party Pro is sure to make your parties ones to remember.




Every Chickenmaster grill is designed and manufactured to industrial quality in the USA.  Constructed with stainless steel rotisserie baskets, spit, grates and hardware, 12 gauge steel and heavy duty aluminum combine to give you years of grilling pleasure.  Our rotisserie motor (included) is manufactured in the USA and provides easy, reliable use.

The Party Pro Charcoal Rotisserie Grill with Two Grill Grates

[*Second Grill Grate not included in Base Unit]

Base Unit Includes:

  • 2 Stainless Steel Spit Rods

  • 2 Double Baskets - 8" x 36"

  • 2 Sets Stainless Steel Chicken/Turkey Spikes

  • 1 Rotisserie Motor 150 inch pounds torque

  • 1 304 Stainless Steel Grill Grate - 20" x 24"

  • Wheel Kit

Options Available:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Shelf - 13" x 14"
  • 304 Stainless Steel Roasting Pan - 12" x 20"
  • 304 Stainless Steel Meat Tray - 24" x 36"
  • 304 Stainless Steel Grill Grate - 20" x 24" (second grate)
  • Indirect Heat Box
  • Marine Canvas Cover
  • 3rd Stainless Steel Spit with Chicken Spikes


Click on the images below for pictures and RIB PRO grilling tips

Cooking Perfect Chicken or Turkey on a Chickenmaster Rib Pro Rotisserie Grill

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